★ Connie Albers – Backstage Pass Exclusive Video

Connie Albers – Backstage Pass Exclusive Video (20:02)

Connie Albers is a well-respected homeschooling expert, author, and speaker. She homeschooled her 5 children from kindergarten to graduation. All 5 have now graduated from college, and Connie continues to encourage homeschooling families at conventions across the country.

We had the privilege of interviewing Connie at the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, South Carolina. We quickly became close friends and Connie soon joined the Schoolhouse Rocked production team. Her homeschooling expertise, natural networking ability, and her deep business sense proved extremely valuable in getting through the production phase of Schoolhouse Rocked.

Colleen Kessler and Connie Albers with Yvette in Greenville, South Carolina

Connie Albers – Clip, “You Can Do It!”

Connie Albers – Clip, Homeschooling is Great for Families!

Connie Albers – “If Not You, Then Who?”

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