★ Dr. Scott Hardin – Are the Bible and Science Compatible? – 15 Minutes of Bonus Footage!

Dr. Scott Hardin – Are the Bible and Science Compatible?

Join Yvette and Dr. Scott Hardin, of Science Shepherd, as they discuss how the Bible and Science are completely compatible. Learn about how during the course of an in-depth study of science at a university, Scott went from believing in evolution to believing in a Divine Creator and how that transformation has shaped him as a Christian and a homeschool dad.

This Backstage Pass exclusive video includes 15 minutes of bonus content, in which Dr, Hardin talks about how to equip students to identify and address the lies of evolution and false doctrine.

Dr. Scott Hardin is the owner and author of Science Shepherd Christian Homeschool Curriculum. He is also the father of six homeschooled kids! Dr. Hardin wrote Science Shepherd when he and his wife saw firsthand the need for quality higher level homeschool science curricula. After writing a middle school Life Science and high school Biology course, he authored an elementary school science program, and is in the process of writing a middle school chemistry and physics course.

Dr. Hardin holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, as well as a Medical Doctor degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has been practicing medicine in Wisconsin since 1997.

Find out more about Scott Hardin and Science Shepherd at https://scienceshepherd.com

Interview Transcript

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hey everyone welcome back to the

schoolhouse rocked podcast this is

Yvette Hampton your host and I am really

glad to have you back with us today I

hope you’re having a great day whatever

it is that you’re doing today I have a

great guest on today that I’m really

excited to introduce you to his name is

Scott Hardin and he is the author of

science shepherd they are a science

homeschool Christian curriculum and so

we’re gonna hear from him today and can

hear his story about why he wrote this

curriculum and we’re gonna talk about

science today so I think you were gonna

be greatly encouraged so Scott welcome

to the podcast thank you very much I’m

really really glad to be here yeah I

would love for you to tell us a little

bit about you and your family sure sure

my wife and I have been married for

about 31 coming up to 32 years we had we

have six kids and had them very very

young really in our early 20s started

with with kids and so we had six and at

first did not home-school them

immediately so that was a little bit of

growing a little bit of growing time for

us so we had our first four kids are all

biologic kids and then didn’t have any

more kids and we wanted you know we

wanted some more so we went for a while

and then probably about seven or eight

nine years after my youngest daughter

was born we had a fateful day at a

Steven Curtis Chapman concert after he

had gotten back from adopting his oldest

daughter Zoey and it just you know it

happens you’re not looking for it and so

about 10 months after that we were in

China and bringing home our two girls so

it was so they were our last – Wow

that’s awesome

are your two adopted girls are they

biological sisters they are the other

twins oh they’re twins in there down

there they just turned 17 17 okay Wow

that is exciting that’s a great I love

Steven Curtis Chapman he has had such a

great ministry and I love their ministry

their adoption ministry that they have

yeah we do too we are have been very big

fans of his army obviously for a long

time but that ministry has been really

blessed us obviously a lot and we’ve

been really involved in it we love we

love what they do yeah that’s awesome

I know years ago I read Mary Beth

Chapman’s book choosing to see and oh

that book is it’s amazing it’s so

encouraging it’s heart-wrenching of

course reading their testimony about

their daughter but but it’s such a good

book and I love that she just you know

she she’s grappled so many things but

always again goes back to Jesus and you

know how God is sovereign in all things

even through the really hard times in

life so yeah yeah yeah anyway I

I would love to hear your story about

homeschooling because you said took you

a little while to get on the

homeschooling train why did you decide

to home-school well we we had our kids

at the time we had our kids in a local

Catholic school which was very you know

very well respected school but III think

there were as there always are there a

lot of things going on at the time so

this is back in probably the early 90s I

guess yeah so been probably 93 and 94 in

that range and my oldest was in third

grade then fourth grade and our other

kids were coming in and we really had a

lot of false sense of security of our

kids being in a Catholic school being in

a you know a religious environment so to

speak and it hadn’t teaching them the

morals that we wanted them to learn and

carrying them over and I think it really

hit my wife for sure it my wife first

that we you know we have them even

though they’re in they’re not in the

public schools are still in a very much

a pagan driven society and we did not

want to leave them in that and my wife I

still remember the first time we were

actually going to pick our kids up from

from school and she said I think we got

a home just go on I’m late

oh you crazy if they’re all weird I wear

not can I win one old school and so we

talked about that for a while and it it

really did seem to be the right thing to

do and so we finished finished out that

school year and and they never went back

so my three oldest were in had been in

school but then my three youngest have

never been in school anything other than

home school and it’s been you know I

think I’m always arguing with myself

what the best thing is that we ever did

whether it was homeschooling or adopting

our two kids and I think those

homeschooling affects all of our kids in

a way maybe maybe that wins out a little

bit but man really hard well I say you

don’t have to decide you can’t let them

be a tie

yeah which is okay and it’s been it’s

been a great blessing to our family and

such you know in so many so many ways

other than just having them at home and

making sure that what they’re learning

is what we believe what God believes and

being able to really infiltrate all of

their learning with with that foundation

of its it’s God’s world that that

they’re learning about yeah that’s

awesome well you know I I think

homeschooling is such an amazing way to

impact the lives of our kids and if

children across the globe and adoption

is the same way and so I think really

they I I say they can’t I because you

have impacted hearts of your children

through both homeschooling and adoption

for for us it is the greatest thing

about homeschooling is being able to

point our kids hearts towards Jesus and

so having that impact in their lives

both through homeschooling and adoption

I think is amazing

so I I love that so much talk about

science shepherd and how this curriculum

came to be I want to hear about what why

you created it and then talk to us a

little bit about what it is and what you


sure sure well it’s kind of a longer

story I’ll pair it down a little bit but

for me it really starts when I think

about why I wrote sign Shepard it really

starts way back when I was in high

school when I was in school learning

about evolution you know I came out of

high school believing evolution I did

not you know I was not raised in a

family with faith and so I came out

believing evolution was the way it went

I went into college you know and of

course being in the sciences in biology

heavily genetics etcetera all of that’s

you know you’re taught that evolution is

the way it is you’ve never really taught

anything different you have no really

good reason to question it why would you

question it because everybody knows it’s

true and by the time I got into medical

school my wife you know we were kind of

phasing out of the Catholic based

approach and more into an evangelical

Christian approach and she was a little

bit ahead of me on that but by the time

I got into medical school things things

started really falling apart and it

wasn’t from a faith standpoint it was a

scientific standpoint man I would ask

questions about how you know how does

Evelyn how did evolution happen how do

you explain Jeannette evolution

genetically how did the the first you

know organisms come come to being out of

nothing and how did those you know how

did how did that happen there’s never

any answer and sometimes I’d even the

they I’d be answered with a question of

well are you a creationist and I’m like

I don’t even know what a creationist is

I’m just asking the scientific question

in my mind and I’m answered with with

philosophical with philosophical

blowback that’s never a good thing in

science when you are a scientific mind

and a scientist and you are trying to

get scientific answers to be given a

philosophy bull Asafa chol rhetoric is

it’s not a good place to be so there I

mean for me it was great because it just

it continued to undermine the whole

scientific thing so for me I you know I

moved obviously away from evolution I

didn’t have anything for a while it

wasn’t very long but then as we got more

and more into the evangelical Christian


and really understood that the Bible is

not just a bunch of really interesting

kind of fun stories for kids and you can

put a little animals on the bottom float

them in your tub that there actually is

real stuff that actually happened and

scientifically there’s nothing that

argues against it you know as it

happened that that was really a good

thing because then for me I both of

those things came together at a very

close time so then as we’re going

through that was certainly on our mind

do we really want our kids learning

about this in school at Catholic schools

were teaching that just like just like

the the secular schools

yeah yeah so so I like I said earlier a

lot of the stuff is bubbling around so

for me as the kids were getting older

this is you know way back and now we’re

in the the later 90s where there was

good stuff out there but you know coming

through as you know through undergrad

and then medical school and then you

know we’re never done learning as

physicians I mean I hope none of us are

ever done learning but you know so many

schools so many trades or jobs or

whatever you want to look at it

sometimes they they kind of get to a

certain point of learning and and then

they’re they’re kind of done then I hope

we would all learn but that doesn’t

always happen but for physicians you

know we have to to keep our licenses how

can they keep my board certified and

stuff we need to keep learning so I

wanted to make sure that we had

something strong for our kids while they

were in school and there at the time

like I said there was good stuff but I

thought that maybe there was a better

way to do it and not lose the message of

God as being integrally intertwined into

everything that is about science but


we present a very solid


rapidly advancing song ions but then

have it all rooted in in God’s Word and

and so that was for me that was kind of

the challenge and has been really fun to

try to to try to keep up with it but

that’s really what drove me was as my

kids we’re getting closer to the age

where they needed a little bit more

advanced science how do we how do we how

do we make that happen can I can I do

that can I add something to the

homeschool community that’s not

obviously not only benefits my kids but

also might benefit a lot of other people

and and that’s that’s kind of been

what’s driving me sentence wow that is

an amazing story I love that too much

because it’s one of the things they

think about often is that and we’ve

talked about this on the podcast it’s so

incredible to me that people will look

at the awesomeness of God’s creation

whether it’s you know the galaxies or

the human body or you know animals or

you know just whatever it is and look at

these things and say it just happened by

chance and we came from nothing and the

thing is is it gives that in itself

gives us no purpose in life you know

when we tell our kids that they were

made from nothing and that they there’s

not an awesome Creator who created them

like I often say on the podcast on

purpose and for a purpose why do they

think they have any value in this life

you know you look at suicide rates and

you look at depression and all of these

things that that our culture is dealing

with right now well why wouldn’t it deal

with those things when people feel like

they have no purpose and they were not

created by an awesome creator who made

them on purpose who you know who really

cares I mean why not end your life if

you have no meaning and no purpose and

you came from nothing and you cos life

is hard life is hard for everybody and

so I love that you went from that

position of evolution and just of course

we believe in evolution that’s obviously

truth because that’s what your school

taught as you were growing up and then

coming to this place through Medical

School so you let and let’s talk about

that rezoning

you are a doctor you’re an actual

medical doctor I am yep yeah I graduated

from the Medical College of Wisconsin

and let’s see 1993 I did that a

four-year residency at the Medical

College my specialty is physical

medicine and rehabilitation so I got

done in 97 and I’ve been I’ve been

practicing since that time for the last

probably seven or eight years I had been

very heavily into our into kind of

senior leadership that the organization

where I work still practicing but over

the last really the last year as bill my

son that you’ve talked to quite a bit we

were really looking for what can we do

what’s bigger than us and and he was

really looking for something what he was

doing before is not what he’s doing now

fortunately so he came home about a year

and a half ago we been living in Florida

doing some stuff and really started to

help us as a family thing my daughter

helps us with this my bill came home and

we’ve really started to look at this

more as a mission that we’re really all

involved with and we everybody has

something to bring to the table and and

for me and what I bring to the table is

hopefully the ability to write these

horses in a way that that makes sense

that are easy to read and that each the

kids well and so about three months ago

I stepped down from all of the senior

leadership stuff I was doing I went back

just what I call into the general

population I’m just seeing patients

again on a fairly restrictive basis so I

can I can write four or five days a week

and that’s really good oh that’s awesome

there’s no greater thing than to use the

gifts that God’s given you to impact his

kingdom you know we we strongly believe

and I’m certain of it God has given

every single one of us a gift and a

passion and the ability to do something

for his kingdom

and and especially as a doctor you know

I’ve known moms who have their

doctorates who are lawyers you know all

sorts of these high level achievements

and their moms who stay home and

homeschool their kids

because they know that that’s what’s

most important for them during this time

of their life and what a blessing that

you’re using what God has blessed you

with and the ability to to learn these

things and then write about it

so that s homeschool mama is in in dads

who don’t have that knowledge can then

take that because years ago like you

said there were not very many options

for homeschool families when it came to

curriculum let’s take a quick break and

then when we come back I want to

actually talk a little bit more

specifically about science Shepherd and

what your curriculum has to offer

all right take water break and we are

back with Scott Hardin he is the founder

of science shepherd and Scott talked to

us about your actual curriculum and what

what the different things are that you

offer and maybe kind of take us a little

bit through some of the textbooks that

you have sure sure I’ll start from our

younger grades and this is one thing I

want to I guess the main thing I want to

emphasize about our curriculum is we are

very actively growing I am writing a lot

of stuff right now I plan for the for

example for the 1920 school year we

should have three new courses online for

that so we are we are really growing and

I want to fill in all the gaps I

realized we’re wide but we’re not deep

and so that’s really the next couple of

years for me that is is filling in the

depth for everybody so they know you

know a lot of the homeschool folks they

love to they love to find something that

works for them and then stick with it

mm-hm and and right now they can do that

a little bit with us but they’re just

not deep enough we can cover them from

grade school through high school but but

it’s not it’s not enough and so I know

that and and we will have that those

gaps filled in so our our our first

course our course for the youngest

students is called introductory science

and it’s actually a video based course

so we don’t know I don’t have a

textbook for that I thought that for the

great for great school kids that video

would be far more engaging we have it’s

it’s me teaching basically short videos

two to four or five maybe five minutes

every single day a lot of there’s a lot

of other pictures other video etc that

goes along with just me talking so it’s

not looking at my face for the normal

time and then there’s a workbook that

goes along with that we have two

different levels of workbook we have

loaned for younger students and one for

older students so that was our our way

to try to begin at the process of

getting our younger you know our younger

kids involved because prior to that we

didn’t have anything for kids younger

than 12 or 13 and then our next course

that we have kind of time wise although

you can do it whenever it’s about an

eight-week course called unearthing the

Bible and this was done with in

conjunction with one of the pastors from

our church who basically talks about Old

Testament events and then goes over the

arkla archaeological finds that that

support all of that old all the Old

Testament stuff and it’s really cool

cool stuff we’ve got again audio and

video that’s a it’s a video based course

with a workbook for the kids to work

through that that lasts about about

eight weeks and so then our next course

is life science which is for the middle

school year six seventh eighth grade for

kids that maybe don’t do a lot of

science for them really like science

that much if they’re in ninth grade I

think it would be a good kind of a good

primer for them to get into high school

science but that’s that’s kind of a the

wheelhouse there for those kids and then

our what I really you know had spent the

most time on and have really focused on

the last couple of years has been our

high school biology texts

which is is pretty beefy I mean that was

my intent was to write something that

was very advanced really more of an

Advanced Placement sort of thing and be

again very easy to understand and be

very straightforward for the kids to be

able to progress quickly through it and

it like I said it’s beefy but most of

the kids do just fine through it and if

there’s any trouble you know I still can

talk you know I can still talk to that

mean email

some and help them Otis but they don’t

we don’t get that much but once or twice

a year we’re gonna kid that’s really

really struggling and then want to help

them out and and then last year about

this time we were recording and I

transferred that all onto video so it’s

a it’s a now a video based program but

supported with a textbook and you don’t

need to do both you can do you can do

just that if you just want the written

material you can do that or you can take

me but again teaching the course for for

the whole thing so if I think that

that’s been helpful especially for kids

you know again that’s trouble with

science or kids that just really you

know really like science they get a lot

of science every every day so their

their daily lectures that are supported

by the the book and that that’s really

where we’re at oh yeah and I forgot for

uh for biology we also have an

integrated lab and we have video based

stuff for the lab too which is basically

me doing all the labs in our kitchen oh

wow you know where I figured most of the

kids were gonna do it so they would be

able to see well you can do it you don’t

need a fancy lab environment you can do

it there you get the results and I go

through them so let them step by step

what you do this is how you do it for

the microscope things you know so many

people struggle with the microscope

simply because they never get the focal

plane right they never they never get

what they’re looking at in focus and

they’re like oh I don’t see anything

they’ll go through it with you know I go

through what they should be seeing and

you know the camera hooked up to the

microscope and they can see that so they

this is what you should be seeing if

you’re not seeing it I kind of

troubleshoot with them I do all the

dissection labs and welcome through it

so that was kind of the other part of

biology was my my whole thing was not

that I don’t want the parents involved

but so many parents don’t know science

and it kind of scares them yeah I wanted

them to feel very comfortable yeah I

wanted him to feel very comfortable that

if your son your daughter here’s here’s

science Shepherd biology do your thing

and it’s you know the syllabus is all

written out for them and all they have

to do is follow it and when they year is

done they’re there they’re finished

and that was really really my intent of

doing that so it’s kind of the whole the

whole thing and and then like I said I’m

writing right now I’m writing a middle

school chemistry kind of a preparatory

high school preparatory chemistry and

and physics and those will go together

you don’t have to take them together but

that’ll be two kind of one semester each

for middle school and then also by the

summer I should have a a high school I’m

not sure what I’m gonna call yet maybe

I’ll just call it this because it’s very

descriptive but a high school biology

for the non science student oh yeah I

love that title I think you should stick

with it it is very descriptive yeah and

and I think so I think those three

should be done and again like I said

we’re really trying to fill in a lot of

the gaps and I know we have so a couple

years down the road I really want people

to know that when if they’re gonna go

with us there they will have everything

that they need for their kids it’s going

to be high quality will be highly you

know Christian based and I do want to

mention one thing about how I treat that

in a second but I want folks to

understand that that’s really what

that’s my goal is to be you know I’m a

scientist at heart people don’t really

realize that that’s you know physicians

are we’re trained as scientists to look

at to look at data objectively review it

interpret it and then put it into

practice and so I want to teach kids how

to think I don’t want to teach them what

to think I want to teach them how to

think about scientific data and and the

hot when it goes in your brain how do

you how do you process it a munch it and

spit it out in something that’s going on

so they’re just not walking around like

all these zombies that believe in

evolution and don’t have any idea why I

mean I didn’t know why I believed in

evolution so that that’s a very strong

point of my stuff is to make sure I’m

walking the kids through and they don’t

even know it I don’t think but walking

them through how to assess data how to

integrate it how to think and then how

to make logical conclusions based on

at that that’s been a really a really

huge piece for me yeah that’s fantastic

because they know you know you’re I’ve

talked to your son bill and he’s talking

about how you’re really passionate about

the fact that the Bible and science are

completely compatible and so bringing

that into your curriculum and helping to

teach that to the kids and help helping

them to internalize that it’s I think so

important with science you know when I

was in high school I don’t remember

pretty much anything from any science

class later I don’t even know how I

passed him I mean I I learned what I

needed to learn for the test just barely

to pass the test and then take the test

check some boxes and I was done and

didn’t need that information any longer

thankfully actually I went to a

Christian school for most of my

childhood I you know you were talking

about Catholic school and I went to a

Catholic school my freshman year in high

school and and I remember my science

teacher he was terrible and he would he

I remember him saying yeah well you know

the the Bible is just like you said a

bunch of stories and you know Noah and

the Ark that didn’t actually happen it’s

just a story and it how devastating

because what a lost opportunity he had

but I

I love that you make science real and

bring the Bible into it because that’s

the most important thing and we tell our

girls that you know they need to learn

the basics of science now I don’t know

if either of them will become scientist

possibly my my youngest one she really

is interested in chemistry right now

she’s only eight but she watches DIY

sigh I don’t know if you’ve seen those

videos on YouTube and I think they’re on

Amazon and stuff too but she loves to

watch those and so she was so excited

because we found dry ice the other day

and she’s like mom the things we could

do with dry ice and but it’s so cool

that there is there are people like

yourself who are taking that knowledge

coupling it with the Bible and giving us

the opportunity to teach it to our kids

because I I couldn’t do this on my own I

mean I can read a textbook to my

kids but to just read it to them and not

have any idea what it is that I’m

teaching to them seems kind of pointless

I don’t want to just get through the

textbook I want them to actually

understand God’s creation through

science and so I think science is one of

the greatest if not the greatest way for

our kids to understand God’s character

and who he really is because he is the

creator and again that goes back to he

created them on purpose and for a

purpose so them their own bodies are a

reflection of God’s goodness and in his

amazing creation so so I love that so

okay so you’re still working on stuff

you you’ve got already some curriculum

set up or do you go to home school

conventions we have we have and have-not

it kind of depends on the year and

what’s going on so sometimes sometimes

yes and sometimes no okay I imagine as

you’re rolling out more and more

curriculum you’ll probably start to pop

up at more conventions and stuff I know

for a homeschool mom like myself I love

to actually see things and touch them

and get kind of a first-hand look at the

different curriculum thank you

people definitely like that we’ve been

really pretty blessed by rainbow

resources has been really good to us and

they go to every single every single

yeah convention that’s out there and

they have a massive booth yeah yeah and

usually our stuff is there so okay so

when people if people ask us we usually

at least if we’re not gonna be there we

direct them to the rainbow resource

booth because they usually ever are

showing her stuff okay oh that’s good to


yes rainbow resource always has an

amazing presence at every homeschool

convention I’ve ever been to so that is

good to know we can direct people to to

them as well we were out of time for the

podcast but I actually want to continue

this conversation and so we’re gonna

keep recording on videos so for those

who are on the backstage pass membership

site the thing I would love to talk with

you about cuz because I feel we’re not

done here

I want to talk about how to identify and

address the lies of evolution because

you were in that place at one time and

knowing that you’ve come completely to

the other side of it and recognized

truth I would love to talk about how we

as parents can help our children to

recognize truth and how we as as adults

can recognize that as well that’s huge

in the culture right now and you know

the first thing I would say of course

which I’m sure you’re gonna say is no

the Word of God yeah there’s no better

way to recognize lies from truth than to

know the truth and that is through the

Word of God so but will you hang on with

me for a few minutes and we’ll continue

the video for backstage pass members

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will put links by the way and all of

this stuff to back to science Shepard

and your website and curriculums

definitely you have a going on but I

just want to talk real quickly about how

you know we talked about how the

Christian homeschool community needs to

encourage students to go into science

and then equip them to be able to

identify the lies and address the lies

that are being taught in our culture

today can you address that sure I think

you certainly mentioned it before the

the break to backstage here and that is

the first thing is absolutely you need

to know the Bible and you need to be

very comfortable even if you don’t know

why you have to be very comfortable in

the fact that there is no objective

scientific observation that undermines

the Bible’s Authority there just is not

there is spin there are agendas but when

you objectively assess scientific data

there is nothing that argues against

what the Bible says and when you flip

that over again if you’re not a

scientist you you may not know this but

when you flip it over there is plenty of

information there’s plenty of data that

argues against what evolution would

predict and the problem is that of

course you’re never given that

information nobody ever talks about that

and I think understanding what how we

got here is really important you know I

think history I love history I think how

we got here is really important to

understand I think just looking back


last several hundred years of history

evolution is the most powerful tool that

Satan has to undermine God’s authority

it permeates everything in our culture

and it’s not just in our culture it’s

it’s a culture around the world and

evolution really allowed you know I

can’t remember who it was it might have

been Richard Dawkins or Richard Lewontin

you know a famous scientific atheist who

said that you know finally evolution

gave me it gave me a faith you know it

gave me something that that put a

framework on everything that I believed

if I don’t believe in God evolution has

taken that that framework and to

understand that that everything that is

ever framed in any evolutionary

discussion even if it’s not framed as

evolution but you’re talking about the

billions of years old Earth or anything

that is an agenda excuse me there is

plenty plenty of reason to question that

when you see that so I think the first

thing is know your Bible and the second

thing is whenever you see something

presented like that you know it’s a lie

you know it’s not true and you know that

that there is there are plenty of data

that would support your position you

might have to go look for them or maybe

ask somebody that knows a little bit

more about integrating scientific facts

and and putting that in with a kind of

biblical story I get it it’s not easy to

do for sure but just to be very

comfortable with the fact that if you

see something and it’s everywhere these

scientific pseudo scientific stories of

of you know some some some fossil

intermediate was found or they’ve you

know the earth the they saw some

something that you know whatever it is

there is lots of different that there

will always be lots of things there’s

always two ways to interpret these facts

you know our observations the scientific

observation is the fact but what you

make of it is entirely entirely

different if you have your evolution

glasses on or if you have your creation

glasses on and you can come to very


conclusions that don’t argue with the

science and they certainly are supported

by the Bible so to be about to just know

that in the back of your mind that you

don’t have to you don’t have to kowtow

to the evolutionary establishment to be

to be scientific and and in fact if you

know your data well enough and your

Bible you you can easily present stories

explanations that no evolutionist can

argue with because they’re wrong and

they know it

you get to a point where they know that

and it’s it’s rare to be able to get

into a truly objective conversation with

somebody who does not believe what you

believe and get them to the point where

they realize gosh I think I’m wrong I

may not want to take the next move but I

I see that I’m not right about this

because it’s just now it’s just turned

into it’s just the very dogmatic

discussion we had a couple of weeks ago

a little round of little interlude our

Instagram page with a very dogmatic

evolutionist that I don’t also I also

didn’t think was very scientific but but

you can see the dogma is just

interweaved and everything that she was

saying and was really it didn’t

understand how do you present a logical

argument how do you how do you respond

when people have refuted your facts you

know her responses to throw the same

stuff back in my face that I already had

typically very easily refuted and you

know we were done at least I was done at

that point I’m not gonna argue with

somebody that doesn’t even you know kind

of understand the basic the basic rules

of academic discourse but but that I

just I always hope that people will feel

comfortable even if they have to get

more information but initially feel

comfortable with the knowledge that any

of the stuff that is presented in

evolutionary light you can always always

always feel very comfortable that it’s a

lie because that’s the agenda that had

all you know anybody who is not an

evangelical young earth creationist that

is that is what they’ve bought into and

some of them know it that it’s not true

most of them don’t they believe it like

I did coming up through school but you

should know that the the individual

hearing that should know it is a lie and

there’s I may need to get help but

there’s data there’s help I can get and

there’s data out there that will support

my position that that this this whole

evolution thing whatever they’re talking

about it’s not true mm-hmm why do you

think that it is that people who are on

the other side who believe in evolution

are so passionately and adamantly

opposed to even the idea of creation as

part of it rests in the whole

understanding that or I shouldn’t say

understanding the whole teaching of

science that we can’t rely on some

supernatural explanation for for the

scientific world for the natural world

naturalism has to be explained only by

natural events well that’s okay fine I

mean if that’s really what you want to

believe the problem is that there’s a

whole lot of things that you can’t


even by naturalistic mechanic mechanisms

so at some point you get and I think

that I think that the that whole

foundational argument is you can’t rely

on supernatural explanations is

underscored by this whole nonsense about

how we all got here to begin with where

where where the earth and the universe

and everything came from which is

nothing that is just as inherently a

ridiculous argument but because we have

people you know like Stephen Hawking’s

worse everybody thinks they’re so smart

telling us that yeah everything came

from nothing there was a point of noting

that exploded into everything that’s


who who honestly would believe that but

yet that’s that’s what we’re force-fed

to believe and everybody believes it’s

true and then we go down to multiple

universes theory and there’s just more

and more stuff that if somebody would

just kind of pull their head out of out

of the dogma and just think for a second

my gosh that’s that something’s make any

sense that makes no rational sense what

I’m being told

why am I being told this so they are


kind of going back to their own a

supernatural explanation but they just

try to do it without God so that whole

that whole process you know we’re taught

over and over and over again that

science can’t rely on supernatural

processes and yet they rely on multiple

super natural processes to explain

naturalism so


they don’t see that

to me their bus but it is there when

again when you’re when you’re able to

step back from this nonsense and

separate the science from the dogma you

see that you have a lot of foundational

problems there’s plenty of evolution of

plenty of academic evolutionists that

realize that there is this problem with

not relying on supernatural phenomena

there’s lots of stuff they can’t explain

but they’re still not going to go there

because the alternative is is is God and

when you look at the in the National

Academy of Sciences these are all the

people that are setting our scientific

agendas these are the people that are

writing all of our textbooks about 95%

of them are atheists some of them are

agnostic but I mean if you’re an


you’re still an atheist because you

don’t believe in God

so again how it’s like it’s it’s kind of

a self-fulfilling prophecy prophecy that

that you can’t rely on on a supernatural

mechanism that’s the foundation of it

yeah it’s so so heartbreaking to me how

people have hardened their hearts

towards the truth you know they’re just

not even willing to listen and and then

it’s such a beautiful thing once they do

once people come to that point where

they say no like you maybe there’s a

different way maybe there’s some truth

to this creation thing or what is a

creationist what does that even mean and

starting to look at the other side of it

and realize oh there is truth to this

and there is a creator who loves me and

it’s such a beautiful thing it’s it is

by far one of my favorite things about

homeschooling is that my husband and I

have the chance every day through just

life every day life to teach our kids

about the truth of God’s Word and

there’s there’s no greater thing than

having that opportunity to be able to do

that and help them to understand who he

is and how he made this world and how he

made the human body and how he and and

not just how but why why did he do all

this why did he yeah why did he create

the world the way that he did and so

anyway yeah it’s it’s awesome I love

what you’re doing I am so grateful for

your ministry I love that you’ve kind of

taken a sidestep from

your career as a medical doctor and you

are actually focusing much of your

attention on on what God has placed on

your heart so thank you for your passion

for science and God’s creation and your

willingness to to take what God has has

put on your heart and share it with the

rest of us I think it’s such an exciting

thing we will link back to everything

science shepherd in our show notes where

can people find you it is it Saint

Shepherd comm right it’s your website

yep science Shepherd and it’s sh e ph e

rd a lot a lot of variants variant

spellings of shepherd but yeah sh e PP

AR z oh ok all right we will link back

to that in the show notes and then you

also have the floor eh er d this is real

life yeah and then you have a few

YouTube videos right we do yeah we have

we have a couple of things that are

really just demonstration things some

samples and things like that but we do

have several things on YouTube yeah okay

all right awesome

well well put those in the notes and

thank you again for your support of

schoolhouse rocked and what we’re doing

here and we fully support you guys I

love what you’re doing and I’m excited

that we get to introduce our listeners

who have not yet heard of science

Shepherd to be able to go and check you

guys out yeah thank you very much I was

great great great to be here thank you

yeah thanks so much and have an awesome

rest of your day thanks you as well

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