Tim Lambert – Getting Started, State Homeschool Organizations

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Tim Lambert – Getting Started, State Homeschool Organizations

“In the early days, the Attorney General of Texas said he didn’t believe parents were qualified to raise their kids, much less teach them at home, and we had a class action suit in Texas where we sued the state. We won, the state appealed that decision. So it was almost a 10 year legal battle in the courts. And of course, during that time, homeschoolers were prosecuted in Texas under the compulsory attendance statute. We eventually won that class action suit, but I realize, and I tell people I am slow, but I’m not stupid. Eventually, someplace along the line, I realized that we lived in a culture that did not respect parents and that if we didn’t get involved to participate in the public policy process, that people like Jim Maddox, who said he didn’t believe parents were qualified to raise their kids, would be making policy and law that would directly impact what I believed God was calling me to do, whether or not that was acceptable by the state.” – Tim Lambert, THSC

Listen to Tim Lambert on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast. (5/6/2019 episode)

Yvette Hampton and Tim Lambert, president of Texas Home School Coalition, discuss the importance of state homeschool organizations and conventions, why he and his wife began homeschooling, the history of homeschooling, and how the movement has changed since the 1980s. They also talk about some of the challenges we face today in homeschooling, the role of fathers, and how fathers can support and encourage their wives.

Tim Lambert is the president of Texas Home School Coalition and has led THSC to become the largest state homeschool advocacy group in the country. Tim informs the public, legislators and agencies about home education in Texas and trains homeschool leaders in public relations and political activities. He is active in politics and represented Texas on the Republican National Committee from 1996-2004. Tim is passionate about protecting parents’ God-given constitutional right to raise their children.

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Article on homeschool conventions by Jamie Erickson

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