Stories of God’s Goodness, #1

In this series, the Hamptons share stories of God’s goodness. Every day God provides in new and powerful ways, and it is our job to testify to His great love.

We recently visited some good friends in Canton, Georgia. The Weathers family has been homeschooling for for over 20 years. They have two adult children who have both graduated and a 12 year old daughter who they still homeschool. We have been good friends with the Weathers family since their adult children were very young, and watching them homeschool their kids was an early introduction to the world of homeschooling for us. Their friendship and influence has been an incredible blessing to our family over the years, and without them we may not be homeschooling today.

We knew that Joe and Mona had great insights to share with other homeschoolers, but we were in a new town and didn’t know where we were going to shoot their interview. On what was supposed to be our last day in Canton our plan was to go to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and try to get an interview above the noise of the restaurant. God had a better plan. Across the street from the Cracker Barrel was a Hampton Inn. When we saw it, we thought that their lobby might be a good option for filming, so Yvette walked in and asked if we could film there. They were incredibly generous and accommodating, and the lobby turned out to be a be beautiful setting for the interview. God is so good!

Many thanks to Debra at the Hampton Inn. If you are ever in Canton, please stop by and say thank you, and don’t hesitate to stay at the hotel. It is beautiful.

Check back soon for some great content from that interview. It is sure to be an encouragement to you.


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