Stories of God’s Goodness, #2

Stories of God’s Goodness, #2 – God brings the expert to us!

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In this series, the Hamptons share stories of God’s goodness. Every day God provides in new and powerful ways, and it is our job to testify to His great love.

In this episode, Yvette shares the story of how Andrew Pudewa became a part of Schoolhouse Rocked. In God’s great power, he brought him to us!

Andrew Pudewa is a well-respected expert in the homeschooling world. He is the founder of IEW, and the creator of an excellent writing curriculum used by homeschoolers around the world. We knew that he would provide much needed practical advice and insights for the movie, so he was literally first on our list of experts. He was extremely generous with his time, and his interview will provide a wealth of valuable resources to the viewer of Schoolhouse Rocked. While we would have travelled to Oklahoma to interview him, by God’s great power Mr. Pudewa was traveling to California just as we were shooting interviews.

Before we left California we needed to film around a dozen interviews. This provided an interesting challenge, in that we had just sold our house and didn’t have a good interview location lined up. A big problem for movie production, but nothing for the God who owns ALL the locations. Little did we know, God had been working for several months to provide the perfect location for us.

Several months prior to starting production on Schoolhouse Rocked Yvette met a wonderful young mom at a women’s retreat. Casey Boyett had a son who was about ready to start school and she was considering their schooling options. Throughout their weekend at camp Casey and Yvette talked about homeschooling and Classical Conversations, then followed up with a meeting for dinner and games at our house. Those conversations contributed to the Boyetts’ decision to homeschool their kids and to do Classical Conversations.

Fast forward several months and we would be interviewing this brand new homeschooling family in their beautiful home, in front of the perfect wood wall. The Boyetts allowed us to use their home for several interviews, including the one with Andrew Pudewa. We were so thankful for their generosity and for God’s powerful hand in providing the perfect location.


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