New Schoolhouse Rocked Poster Artwork

The massively talented, Graeme Pitman, of CiRCE Institute had been working on Graphics for the DVD, Blu-ray, and poster. I am happy to say that we are very close to a final design and YOU, our Backstage Pass Members, get to see it before it is released into the wild. Please keep in mind that a few minor changes will still be made and the credit text at the bottom is just a placeholder until the design is finished, but here you go! Thank you for supporting Schoolhouse Rocked.

As an extra-special treat, go to the bottom of this post to see one of the previous versions of the artwork.Below is the previous version of this design. As you can see, Graeme is a talented guy. We are really happy with his work! We absolutely loved the the direction he went with this design, but wanted a more “daylight look”, and wanted to try incorporating the schoolhouse. He made the requested changes really quickly and completely nailed them!

Seeing an DVD package mocked-up gives me goose bumps. I can’t wait to have the real thing!

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