★ Steven Policastro – Using Museums in Homeschooling – 20 Minutes of Bonus Footage!

Steven Policastro – Using Museums in Homeschooling

This podcast bonus video includes an additional 20 minutes of encouragement on discipleship and a discussion on the upcoming National Homeschool Day. You will not be disappointed!

Join Yvette and Steven Policastro as they discuss practical ways to use museums in your homeschool. Museums are a great way to point your kids to Jesus and have fun in the process. Below you will find links to recommended museums, documentaries, The Creation Trail museum app, and National Homeschool Day.

Steven lives in Orlando, Florida and has spent over two decades helping transform his community while impacting the world for the cause of Christ, including a high-profile career at the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

At age four, I learned that God created the universe and all it contains in six days, plus that I needed Jesus to rescue me from my sins. Then at age fifteen, I learned that I needed a relationship with Jesus. That is when He turned my head-knowledge into heart-knowledge… Jesus is so very generous, He can give you a new heart, too! Today, Jesus continues to conform me more into His likeness each and every day. I look forward to sharing in this adventure with you!” -Steven

Steven’s professional life takes him on journeys throughout the world as Founder/COO of The International Association for Creation. The International Association for Creation is a global umbrella organization serving biblical worldview museums and ministries. Steven and his team provide strategic guidance, logistics management, and tactical support to thousands of leaders around the world. Steven founded the ministry in 2012, simply by praying with a friend at his local church for a creation science museum on the other side of the continent, since then God has continued to bless their team’s work in all corners of the world.

Find our more about Steven and The International Association for Creation here: Learncreation.org


The Creation Trail Museum List

Smithsonian Museums Washington D.C.

Creation Experience Museum, Branson Missouri

National Parks

The Great Passion Play


Other helpful links:

Creation Trail TV

IMAX: Deep Sea

The Creation Trail App

National Homeschool Day



Is Genesis History (on Amazon)

Riot and the Dance (on Amazon Prime Video)

Riot and the Dance (on DVD)

Awesome Science Media

Genesis: Paradise Lost (3D)

Interview Transcript

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hey everyone welcome back to the

schoolhouse rocks podcast this is Yvette

Hampton I am your host and I am so glad

that you’re with us again today I am so

much enjoying this podcast I hope that

you can hear that when I interview

people it it’s such an encouragement to

me to sit with these people that God has

brought to us for the podcast and I get

to learn their stories I get to get

advice from them and just glean wisdom

from them and God is doing amazing

things across the world but really in

this country in regards to homeschooling

and the lives that he’s changing and the

impact that he’s having in families

through homeschooling has been

incredible and so we get to see that

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homeschooling and so it’s been very

exciting to do that we would love for

you to join us and just be encouraged by

what God is doing but I am super excited

that you’ve joined us again for the

podcast because I have a great guest on

today that I know you are going to be

just super blessed by his name is Steven

Policastro and he is the founder and CEO

of the International Association for

creation so that’s a mouthful but I’m

gonna introduce him to you let him tell

you a little bit about who he is what

he’s doing and just the amazing ministry

that he has so Steven welcome to the


thank you so much you bet for having me

on today I really appreciate it and I’m

so amazed and blessed to see everything

that God is doing through you and your

family and your crew at schoolhouse

rocks so thank you so much for you know

taking the time out of your life to

answer this call and see it come to

fruition it’s really exciting so for

myself like Yvette said my name is

Steven Policastro and I’m with the

International Association for creation

we started back in 2012 just praying for

one person that visited her church from

Washington State Island Florida so

that’s all the way across the continent

and she had learned that I was

interested in creation science and had

said oh well he prayed for the directors

of the museum I work sure why not so my

friend Zack and I we started to pray and

a few about the others from church and

they started seeing the prayers get

answered and so they gave my information

to other museum friends and they would

call and ask for prayer and I was like

yeah we can pray for you too and after

about five people ended up calling I was

like well God what are you doing here

and the words laid upon my heart put up

with together so they could just be

praying for each other it’s been what

seven years now and the Lord has opened

up all the right doors and given us all

the strength in our weakness that we’d

be able to walk through these doors and

see who do amazing things all across the

earth so it’s just amazing to have

access to God to Christ and be able to

like as we say in the office take a peek

behind the veil and see what God’s doing

you know in every corner of the world I

love it so you you are not yet a

homeschool dad you are a homeschool down


training but you actually have a pretty

neat testimony in regards to

homeschooling can you share that with us

yeah definitely so growing up I’ve grown

up in the church my whole life since I

was four I believe that Jesus died for

my sins and that created the earth in

six days I had no reason to doubt that

but I got caught up in legalism and it

was until 15 that my head not came heart

knowledge and God stepped down to save

me and I’m so thankful for that I don’t

through that time in Florida that it’s

popular to like thirty days school and

be home school in the afternoon so

that’s what my parents Society do I’m

really thankful for the opportunity once

graduating from school I went to college

and I got more involved with

homeschooling I’ve been a speaker and a

conference coordinator at finish well

come to a conference in Orlando Florida

I’ve taught at our churches co-op their

worldview classes I also worked with

home schooled dad across the nation at

home schooled on media and as you said

I’m just a homeschool dad in training

but I want to encourage all the other

guys who are single or maybe you don’t

have kids yet you know it’s never too

early to start and it’s such a joy to be

part of this community and help raise up

kids in the way they’re supposed to go

so they won’t depart from their faith

and that they would really follow up

with Jesus like that’s what

homeschooling is about is that he would

point them to Jesus amen amen

that is absolutely the truth we’ve

talked about that a whole lot on the

podcast and academics are important as

long as they are always pointing our

kids to their Creator and you are so

good at helping families homeschool

families to be able to do that and

pointing their kids to the Creator and

one of the ways that you do that is

through museums and so I want to talk

about museums today we’ve actually not

tackled this topic on the podcast yet

and I love this topic we are a family

who really enjoys museums and we do them

differently and when I say we do them

differently I mean Garrett and I do them


because we go to our museum and Garrett

will read literally every single plaque

every detail of everything and then he

remembers it and I look pretty things

and I continue talking on because I’m

not gonna remember most of the details I

just continue walking but I love museums

and where our 13 year old is especially

into Art Museum’s right now because she

a great artist and so she is really

enjoying going to art museums but I

would love for you to talk about using

museums in our homeschooling and how we

can do that there are so many secular

museums and I know that’s been a big

thing for us I mean you of course got

the Creation Museum which is amazing and

the Ark Encounter and really several

creation museums actually around the

country and so those ones are easy and

we can talk about that too those are

easy to go in and you see the evidence

of our amazing creator but there are

also a lot of aquariums and secular

museums around that can be very

beneficial and so can you talk about how

we can use those in our homeschooling to

later kids towards Christ yeah

definitely so research shows time and

time and time again that the best way

for kids to learn is to do it hands-on

and so that’s something we’re really

excited about is to provide hands-on

opportunities and lots of resources for

just-in-time learning that kids and

parents alike can learn about who God is

and what she’s doing through his

creation as it says in Romans that God’s

creation declared his glory and so

honestly it’s as simple as stepping out

sign your own backyard like wow God like

look at the beautiful sunrise or look at

that and thinking how strong it is yes

and being in Florida in our backyard

we’ve got ocean all around us and so

it’s easy to jump in the water and like

go down and see the fish and all the

amazing colors that God created

somewhere know that aren’t on land and

like an example is the clownfish going

is seemingly or just any fish going to a

rock and it’s like that remind ously

like that scripture verse where it says

God is our rock like this is what God

put on the earth to remind us of that

passage and so like that like all parts

of creation point to God and His Word

and his perfection even though like all

of creation is under the curse and we’re

all marred by sin but it’s pointing us

to an eternal hope and one that can only

be found in Christ

so using museums to that end and to

pointing our kids to that eternal hope

who is Jesus Christ is so important and

a lot of people come to us and ask you

know I don’t have a museum nearby that’s

creation 20 so what do I do and we tell

them to go to their local museum or

aquarium or zoom even though it’s

secular like we believe that God owns

everything he created everything he owns

just because someone who doesn’t believe

in God and is against his will and his

agenda you know might try to persuade

you otherwise like all the stuff in your

local succulent museum crayons you even

in the National Park if God’s and

because of God’s it’s also ours because

we’re his children we inherit what he

has and that’s just an amazing and

beautiful truth that like we get to walk

in the authority and the wisdom of God

and share that with other people and

show like how these things even if maybe

they have evolutionary teaching like on

the crack or they’re not showing a full

truth you know we can still show the

full truth through looking at God’s

world through the lens of God’s Word

because of all truth does truly start

with the written word of God because its

foundation is on the person of Jesus

Christ and the the Trinity honestly so

that’s where we put all our source from

and so it’s really important when you go

into museums and when you’re

homeschooling to realize that like as

your foundation your presupposition if

you will that everything derives itself

all law all reality from the word guide


science and it just is depending on how

you interpret it so you know a lot of

people interpret billions of years old

and then there’s a lot of us who

interpret it as the Bible literally says

that God created six days and when you

calculate everything out it works out to

about six thousand years going in the

museum with that mindset and comparing a

child with that mindset also and showing

in life yeah there are people who don’t

believe in God’s Word and like you know

here the consequence it’s like direct

consequences to not believing God’s Word

and sin honestly and we’ve all felt sent

the facts so we can all personally

relate to that and personally going into

our children and say hey like you know

whether they’re three years old or a

teenager like we can talk about sin and

it’s not a bad thing to do it’s actually

really important is we’re not our

understanding of what sin is and really

like what happened in the Garden of Eden

literally that we can’t truly understand

our deep need for Jesus Christ like that

intimacy with God the closest we need

with God and the the younger you are

knowing that like the better off your

life is gonna be physically walking with

God and you know close for a longer time

and might not might not be easy because

Jesus doesn’t promise us an easy life

but he does promise us a full life and

that full life is full of him and all

the things that he offers us yeah yeah I

I’m I’m one who actually I think it’s

really good sometimes for us you know

obviously we want to go to the creation

museums and those that teach truth but I

think it also can be a really good thing

to go to museums that are teaching

evolution because it helps our kids to

see the other side of it I think

oftentimes there are and you talked

about legalism before you know

oftentimes we as home schoolers can get

so legalistic you know we don’t want our

kids to be exposed to anything of the

world but what what better time for them

to be exposed to something like

evolution when they’re under the care of

our umbrella and our biblical covering

or we can say is what the world believes

but what does God’s Word say

and it’s a great opportunity for us to

take them to the Word of God and and say

let’s let’s study this let’s look at

this up let’s see what God says about it

you know Psalm 19:1 says the heavens

declare the glory of God the skies

proclaim the work of his hands he is a

faithful God that has has created a

universe that we can look at it and we

can just be in awe I mean no one can

look at the universe and not be in awe

of the creation of the universe now not

everybody understands that there is a

creator or it wants to believe that

there is a creator behind it but you

cannot look at the universe and be like

yeah well it’s cool there’s a couple of

stars couple galaxies and you know some

planets and stuff

no one can do that you look at any clips

and you just think wow I mean it doesn’t

mean the whole world stops yeah because

it declares the glory of a fantastic

creator and so I think that it can open

up amazing opportunities for us to be

able to draw our kids hearts towards

Christ in exposing them to those things

while we’re with them because you know

you’ve seen it happen I’m sure we’ve

seen it happen where oftentimes kids are

raised in a Christian home they’re only

taught one side of it and then they go

off to college and if they go off to a

secular college or sometimes

unfortunately even Christian colleges

are so-called Christian colleges are

teaching things that are contrary to the

Word of God and so then kids go off into

these universities and their professor

is telling them something contrary to

what their parents have taught them and

their parents have not equipped them to

be able to stand firm on what they know

to be truth and so then they’re

completely derailed and they’re like oh

well shoot my college professor who

knows everything obviously is saying

that evolution is how we got here yeah

so I think it opens up great

opportunities for us to be able to train

the hearts of our kids what are some

practical ways that you could do that

you know just let’s say you’re you’re

walking into a museum with a group of

kids and it’s a secular museum what are

some ways that you would help direct

them and how

guide them through that journey through

that museum yeah definitely

so when I’ve taken homeschool groups or

like some of my family who has little

kids like through these locations things

that have worked really well personally

and practically would be just

accidentally kids simple questions

honestly so asking like does this book

design like does this look like it was

created by an artist you know because

they all know what an artist is and so

if you accidentally does this look like

someone drew it or someone you know

molded it and they can tell you yeah it

does and they can talk about that um you

can ask them maybe you’re standing in

front of like an ape like human

transitional a secular location and you

can ask them so what are the

similarities and one of the differences

between these two creep creatures so

humans versus eight and don’t be able to

tell you like well the human doesn’t

have as much hair like it’s standing up

right it’s taller you know it looks like

me but it doesn’t and so those are like

two really practical things that you can

you know help your kids engage as a good

at amusing of course or didn’t like wow

look at that look at that huge dinosaur

um so my nephew he goes and he’s like

wow look at that big alligator it’s like

a dinosaur you but you know and and they

need guidance you know like kids are a

sponge and they want to learn and like

you were saying what a perfect time to

like help their hearts being molded for

the cause of Christ mm-hmm and we

believe you know by using museums and

zoos and aquariums and national parks

and all these things whether you’re

visiting one of our 40 locations across

the country or maybe you’re going into

Creation Museum or are can count on

Kentucky or if you are just staying in

your community you don’t even Oakland


like these are all places that you can

point your child to Christ even in your

backyard yeah love it hey we’re gonna

take a quick break and

here from one of our sponsors and then

we will be right back and we’re gonna

continue talking about this and I’m

gonna take a water break yeah take one

also so dry you know why I’m not talking

all that much but um so I’ve got my my

water cut here but I’m not allowed to

ice in because so what’s an S so um

let’s talk about hold on just a second

yeah I want to actually talk about some

specific museums throughout the country

and can you give some suggestions on

some just some of your favorite may be

museums and aquariums and things like

that that people can visit yes are you

asking for like ones within our network

oh sure oh good then we can also like

toilet and maybe gonna act or something

oh sure yes yeah yeah because I can give

like a real example of how yes okay all

right okay and we are back I love saying

it like that I sound so radio show host

but we are back with Steven Policastro

know how how do you say it Polly just

true Policastro okay say it with the

Italian accent yes it will not attempt

to do that I want to continue talking

about museums and visiting them and I

know you’ve got a network of museums and

then you have just maybe some of your

favorites that are around the country

you’re in Florida

but obviously people who listen to this

are all over the country what are some

of your favorite museums that you love

going to that you would recommend people

to go to and then I know you’ve got it

an app that you have designed and so I

want you to talk about that as well okay

cool yeah so in my travels I would say

my favorite location

we probably be the economy Natural

History Museum in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania that one is amazing and

then you’ve also got the Smithsonian

museums and watching you see I lived out

there for a while when I worked in

Congress and I just got to go whenever I

wanted to know is the best and then

further out west honestly how West the

museums don’t compare the national parks

so like we affectionately call the

office museums without balls but yeah I

would honestly crazy go to Yellowstone

go to redwood video simha t even the

Columbia River Gorge north of Portland

Oregon is really good not st. Helens and

then in Southern California within our

network we’ve got the creation or tissue

museum in San Diego

there’s the Christ for the nations a

museum earth history in Galax Texas and

then Glendive Montana which is on the

far eastern side of the state almost on

the border of North Dakota is going to

advance Mike Fossum Museum so those are

some of the in network locations that

I’ve gotten to visit and really enjoyed

there’s also in Cleveland there’s a


Efrain foxes and Science Center there’s

a few in South Florida and just

scattered across the country and then

most recently actually I went to Branson

and visited the museum banjo it’s a big

tourist hotspot Midwest so there’s the

creation experience Museum in Branson

but also just south of Branson in

Northwest Arkansas we have a theme park

that has a petting zoo it’s got an Art

Museum biblical history museum and a

Bible Museum there’s hundreds of

thousands of artifacts from that museum

complex and then you can even go on a

tour and see like a walk through Israel

tour and they take you see different

sights they’ve recreated it’s a it’s a

fairly large theme park and it’s a great

deal so if you’re ever in the breast hey

definitely check out the great fashion

playing a theme park and museum complex

they have there okay awesome I will

actually link to all of those in the

show notes

so people can find those and not have to

write them all down aquariums are

another thing I I love ocean life I

think it is so amazing to look at it

what what amazes me about the ocean is

that it hasn’t been until recently I

mean within the past if I’m correct

within the past maybe 15 years that

we’ve actually discovered things further

under the sea that we never knew existed

and when you think about that I mean you

know our earth has been around for about

6,000 years those that see life those

creatures have been around for about

6,000 years since the beginning of

creation yeah

God created all of that for his glory

yeah and he’s allowed us to see parts of

his creation but to think that there’s

another whole world of creation that we

you know parts of it that we’ve never

even seen and discovered and we’re just

now still discovering yes some of his

creation wow that’s just incredible to

me and so it’s so neat there’s a I gosh

I have no idea what the name of this

documentary is I’ll have to find it I’m

not necessarily a proponent of Johnny


but it’s narrated by Johnny Depp and I

forget what the lady’s name is but it

came out several years ago and it’s

amazing and is not a Christian

documentary but it’s a documentary about

the ocean and ceiling and it is just

fantastic watch that I mean just like

looking at the universe you can’t you

can’t watch that and say all these sea

creatures just happened by chance

yeah I’m like that’s the thing like

maybe like I don’t for this is there’s

ocean everywhere but maybe you live in

the middle of the country but you can

watch documentary and you can use that

in your home you know we’ve got great

resources in the network that are

creation based but there’s also some

like you know non creation based things

that well you’re not going to agree with

what they’re saying you can look at the

pictures and you can talk about what

they’re cooking because you’re looking

at the same evidence interpreting

differently and so that’s you know

something to always keep in mind is like

same evidence just different worldview

and also like aquariums one of my

favorites obviously the Georgia claim is

great mm-hmm and then zoos are really

cool too so sandy has rates you Miami

has a good zoo and then we’ve got two

zoos in the network in Virginia and in

Kansas which are really cool also and

those are often those are both for

action perspectives and then we’re

bringing online a few aquariums who you

know we’re kind of on the fence they’re

like well you know like we are

creationist but there aren’t many

creationists out there so we’re pulling

out gonna talk about it we are like hey

like there are a lot of us so come on

with this know like they’re always

encouraged so cool so cool will list all

of those things in there talk about your

app that you have we have a couple more


yeah all right so we’ve invested some

resources into developing an app for

Apple iOS saying Google Android I’m so

if you have an iOS or Android device you

can download it for free from your app

store basically is a creation toward

that in the palm of your hand so you can

go to your any Natural History Museum

any zoo any aquarium and you can get

creation tour guide creation toys guided

from your phone we also cover I think

the top 20 national parks and all that

data is compiled from our partners at

masters books oxen planets media Genesis

apologetics is Genesis history they’re

all either members or partners of our

association and we all just work

together to collaborate and put all

those things together and there’s even

some Jonathan part audio in there so

it’s not just like texturing where you

can watch short video clips while you’re

at the Museum of a before we are heading

there you can listen to audio so it’s a

really great tool to use when you’re

executory locations and you can also

find are in network locations across the

country and all of our events on that

app as well so and then additionally you

can even request a live tour guide so

we’ve got tour guides actually a lot of

different locations across the country

that give creation towards of secular

locations so those would be available to

your expanding

every month is new guides coming on

adding new communities checking network

now when you say live do you mean

actually live in person or live on the

app live in person okay these are like

docents yes who are just they’re

Christian creationists and they’ll walk

you is that what you’re saying yeah so

there are creationist Christians who

just have you know some time and they

want to bless people so you can go on

the app and put where you’re at or where

you’re going and if we have a guide that

we know through up with them we’ll do

that yeah so cool I would much rather

somebody guide me through a museum yeah

Wacka see that’s really really cool real

quickly you said you mentioned his

Genesis history that’s a fantastic

documentary on creation do you and I

know I’m kind of springing this on you

are there some documentaries that you

can recommend that are just excellent

Christian documentaries that you like

yeah definitely so of course the Genesis

history is amazing right and the dance

is also really good okay and awesome

science media has a lot of good

documentaries they’ve got a whole lineup

of different topics that they cover so

those are my personally my three like go

team places okay watch like creation

based documentaries okay awesome well we

will link back to those in the the notes

as well and then also if you have some

3d glasses

Genesis Paradise Lost in 3d is another

great one and it might take you through

what it might have looked like in the

beginning okay Wow

I’m writing these down I don’t have to

go back and listen to get them all so

we’ll link back to those anyway this has

been so encouraging and so informative I

like said we love museums we love just

being out in God’s creation because it

is one of the greatest benefits of

homeschooling and I know that schools

you know the low kids up on a bus and

then they go to the museum or the zoo or

something they’ll be there for a few

hours and they kind of run through

but the difference is is that they don’t

have a mom or dad or you know a Guardian

who’s with them pointing out specific

things to them saying you know one on

one look at this look at how God created

the human body look at how God created

this animal look at how God created you

know this galaxy

it’s you’re they’re being kind of moved

around and shuffled through a big group

of kids when they go on a field trip but

when you’ve got that one-on-one time

with your kids and you can really take

your time and walk through museum and

get to see the glory of God’s creation

it’s just amazing it is one of the

greatest parts of homeschooling and like

you said I mean you can do it in your

backyard you don’t have to go to a

museum you can do it in your local

library you can go and find all kinds of

books on God’s creation and and just get

to jar kids closer to their Creator so

so we are out of time for the podcast we

are going to continue this conversation

for those who are on the backstage pass

membership site we’re gonna actually

stay on with Stephen for another few

minutes and we’re gonna talk about

national homeschool day and that’s an

exciting thing for us we’re going to

talk about how you as home schoolers can

be involved in that and the importance

of us working together as a community

and how that can just have a great

impact in our culture so if you’re a

backstage pass member stick around on

the video for those listening to the

podcast thank you for taking time to

listen today you guys are a huge

blessing and again if you have topic

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again Thank You Stephen tell us again

where people can find you yeah you can

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Stephen and I think you guys have a

great day

and I can provide you all these links so

okay that would be great I’m trying to

write really quickly yeah okay so for

backstage pass members thank you for

hanging with us I love that you guys

join us on these videos and get to just

see video in action and what our days

look like here at the schoolhouse rocked

headquarters so Stephen let’s talk about

national home school day because that is

the thing that I know is near and dear

to your heart you are a big part of that

take is kind of from the beginning if

you can of what national homeschool day

is and then let’s talk through that and

see how the homeschool community can be

involved yeah definitely sure so

national holiday is a event that was

coordinated by our team at the

International Association for creation

so you know we focus on creation but

like our heart really is

homeschooling and so like how we’re

gonna bless homeschoolers Edie we

thought well why not just cover natural

and single day and I was last year and

so since then like God has opened up all

the right doors

so we’re partnered with you know like

over half of the state homeschool

associations across America two-foot

national homeschool day on and lots of

families and co-ops and local churches

are getting on board and it’s just

really exciting to see the unity that is

happening in our community and we know

that like true unity only comes to

Christ and so we just are like always

thanking Jesus like yes like this is

your heart guide and we get to see it in

action on the earth and it’s just such a

blessing they be part of that so the

reason that you know we start an actual

whole school day was that we can

celebrate faith and family with our

faith family across the country and

we’re just excited that whether you

stream it from home or you stream it at

your local church or co-op or even

online for your group like we’re just

excited to share with you the wisdom and

the encouragement that has been given to

us by God through the years of our

speakers you know who have been

homeschooling so all of our speakers our

homeschool moms of debt and some of them

are have been in a little longer than

others but everyone is successful at it

and I I know all of them personally and

I can attest that they’re the real deal

and so we’ve got is your Wayne from

family renewal LLC dr. Lena Kalyn tyne

from sy experience and both of them are

with master books they’re published

authors they’re with master books we’ve

got sherry Selig sing with Polly Jia and

Meredith Curtis with Carolyn productions

publishing and then from our own team we

pull the Kyle justice with awful science

media and barb heckie with grandparents

of home screen she’ll be joining with

her husband rich so it’s a great lineup

you’re not going to want to miss it and

we’ve got so many for everyone from

how to teach history with Genesis to the

biblical worldview to focus on your

child’s heart to maybe starting out as a

new mom a new dad homeschooling you know

we’re trying to get a good cross-section

and make sure we’re covering a wide

variety of topics for everyone and the

good thing is they’re all pre-recorded

so there’s no like really set schedule

if you’re signing up to watch them you

can watch them you know leisure and

throughout the 24-hour period of

February 23rd and we would just love for

you to join us and take advantage of

that free resource that we want to offer

to you and that we let you know that you

can finish well and like you start

strong like God is in this with you so

so so it’s an online conference yes yeah

okay okay okay no is because there’s a

national national home school day is

when when is it February 23rd February

23rd okay so the conference actually was

there I mean that day it will be on

February 23rd yes it’s a Saturday so

there is a offline component so there’s

about ten of our museums that are

participating and various major metro

areas across the country select

Cleveland Ohio Portland Oregon places

like that and even in Canada which is

exciting and so you can if you live

nearby one of those locations those

museums will be opening up the doors for

that day to welcome in home school

leaders and learners so that they can

learn you know about their local

creation science resources and how to

use creation hands-on during that day so

whether you watch online or you come to

one of our locations offline I’m sure

you’ll be blessed by it

and you’ll meet a lot of other

like-minded home schoolers like that’s

the best part when we are able to build

community together and learn from each

other yeah that’s so cool what is the

website for that is it national home

school day calm it is calm all one word

okay very cool well yeah so there you

can like learn about our speakers

you can register your location for free

and check out like our sponsors you know

so a few of our sponsors and masters

books called soul guide media and even

schoolhouse rocks so we’re just so

blessed that like the community has come

together and we all do this like this

isn’t our this is he’s just inviting all

of us yeah that’s so cool

I’m talk you mentioned homeschooled add

media and that’s a new thing that you

are kicking off right yeah talk about

that because I like and maybe a little

fast because my husband is actually part

of this Garrett is on that team so talk

about what yeah homeschool dad media is

and why you’ve created this oh wow okay

so back a few years ago my friend Zack

and I like we were at the financial

conference and speaker is an Israel

Wayne was the keynote for that year we

met Israel oh my gosh like there’s more

dads like us you know and we’re just so

blessed by Israel and it really might

change our perspective on homeschooling

and so after praying about like what

does God want us to do it that like

divine connection I know like something

he sorted out for us and we were talking

Israel and did some research and we

found like there were a kind of awesome

homeschool mom like blog networks and

websites and all these awesome names for

moms but there literally was nothing for

death like there were good blogs but

there was no like hub central hub for

homeschool dads and so we on Israel like

hey like you know why don’t we start

praying about this

so we prayed on for the tax length three

years on and off in the past month

God just began open all the right doors

and we’ve been walking through them in

faith you know so right now we’re up to

nine contributors at HTM homeschooled on

media so basically again it’s just a hug

for dads to go and find blogs and

podcasts books

events from other homeschool dads just

like you and to be encouraged and we

want to help connect the home-schooled

ed community both online and offline so

there’s a few different things

doing to help move that along but we’ve

got so far if my memory serves me

correctly is your way Michael Curtis Zac

no way Matt Adams Garret Hampton your

husband which is awesome

patro Kyle justice will add a sin and a

few others who are considering joining

at this time so you know maybe you’re a

homeschool dad blogger and you need

encouragement or maybe you’re just

starting out or maybe you’re going

through the teen years and you’re like

how do I like when my child’s heart


and like that’s questions we all ask

ourselves and all these dads have been

through that and they just want to be

able to pour into you and to share with

you you know the truth of God’s Word so

oh I so sorry Paul bass is also oh he

runs out the eight or however many we

have now and it’s just exciting because

like well with a small group of us you

know that our tight-knit and you know we

all know each other we’re able to just

reach out and encourage other dads who

are asking questions you know like it

usually is like all the moms over there

and the pads come along and the moms are

really excited the dads have a lot of

questions and like I can understand that

like being a man like sometimes it’s

like all right like what’s going on here

you trying to get lost in the sea of my

excitement but like trust us you know

and really know trust God but like you

know God working through us that you

would be encouraged equipped and

connected to you know start well and

finish well and all these great things

like that God has plans for you in your

family I should leave them in the home

yeah oh my goodness I love that so much

one of my very favorite parts and I’ve

shared this a few times but one of my

very favorite parts of Schoolhouse Rock

of the filming that we’ve done is we

have interviewed several

yeah and we we’ve talked with dads who

are pastors truck drivers public school

teachers I mean we just have a variety

of different dads who do different

things but they’re all Christian men who

are working to lead their families the

best that they can and I love it because

dads are they play such a very important

role in home schooling and I think

oftentimes they don’t realize how

important their role is you know they

think they go to work they provide for

their families they provide for their

wife to be able to stay home and yes

that is so important and praise God for

that but their encouragement in their

support of home schooling to their wives

is Youngstown one of the most important

things that mom needs in a day yeah she

needs her husband to just come alongside

of her and encourage her and hold her up

and just give her that boost of you’re

doing a good job you’re doing great

you’re a great mom you’re a great

teacher how can I help you that’s

another thing you know if dads would

just ask that question yes every now and

then how can I help you how can they

come alongside of you and it might be

that mom just needs him to just do the

dishes at night after dinner so she can

get the kids bathed and in bed and I

know a lot of dads do these things

already dads out there there are so many

awesome dads but oftentimes dads feel

like well you know I’ve been at work all

day I just want to come home and I want

to relax well mom’s been at work all day

too and usually ever because once she

goes to bed she’s got little ones coming

in to her room and making happen you

know there aren’t scary dreams or a

stomachache or you know whatever the

case might be and we need dad’s to step

up yeah take that role of leadership

emotionally spiritually physically yeah

dads are so important and so much

appreciated and so you know if you have

a husband who is like that by all means

let him know how much he’s appreciated

let him know what what an amazing job

he’s doing of supporting you and if he’s

not doing that

pray pray that he will step up and

that that that leader that you need him

to be in that encourage er we’ve done

several really great podcasts and we’re

actually Israel Wayne was well I’m on

the podcast a while ago Davis Carmen

talks about that up here those three are

just fantasy Brian Osbourne and they all

talk about the importance of spiritual

leadership in their home and one of the

greatest things that I think Scott law

here was one who said it was he was like

you know if you think you can’t lead

your family spiritually if you can read

you can lead your family spirit yeah

yeah exactly and read the Bible to them

right exactly and honestly like you know

sometimes you can mention like leading

your family and it seems like a nebulous

concept is like whoa Emmeline in my

family feels like I’m bringing in like

money so that my wife can teach my kids

and like this how in this roof that’s

over their head it’s like because you’re

working a job you know and you’re

putting in a lot of hours but a really

practical you know thing to do is to

recycle your kids it’s just so important

like be intentional with your children

and seeing them be able to walk in God’s

ways because you’re walking in God’s

ways and you know we can look at like

pollen Timothy and the Bible and of

course they weren’t related by blood

well they were related by Christ’s blood

but you know Paul and Timothy were close

because Paul the site would timothy and

timothy even like wanted to disciple

others because what Paul had done in his

life and so this isn’t just like

addition this is multiplication and at

the end of the day life that’s why side

worship is so important is because the

church started in the home and yeah you

know like that’s where it spreads like

the gospel spreads when it starts in the

home and yes it’s so important you’re

falling into a sound like solid mobile

church and how that community and that

fellowship but we also can’t forget the

community fellowship from our own homes

and so you know there’s an encourage I

do dads and like I said like I’m like

homeschooled I’m training so I don’t

have super personal experience but I see

this work time and time again that like

take that time out

of your day and like porn your kids and

maybe you’re here like Steven like I

don’t have any in the porn or maybe

you’re a moment saying like my husband

is dropping and like if that’s the case

and like go to got in like cry out to

God and ask him to fill you up so that

you can be poured out because that’s

God’s heart like God’s heart is for you

to be his child and for him to be the

perfect father through eunuch honestly

you can’t be like none of us can be

perfect dads or perfect moms for God

like enables us for his power and his

wisdom to do these things that like we

wouldn’t do only doing our own yeah you

know that’s the foundation of

homeschooling is like God know his is

like life in us and through us so just

you know all of us hunts with that media

like we really want to be there to

encourage you and so if you are again

you can go to homeschool guide mediacom

and you can find out more about our

contributors more about you know what we

offer for parents I mean maybe your mom

you’re like well what is HTM have for me

and so we just want to encourage you

like talk to it about your husband or

talk with your husband about it

encourage him to go visit a site and let

him know that there are people just like

him who have been through the struggles

and fought the fights and are on the

other side and relating and you know he

can win too so that’s what we really

want to encourage Janet’s with is that

victory is shown in Christ and that

Christ is found in us so we have that

victory I love it what really quickly

because I just want to be clear what is

it on homeschooled dad media or HDM as

you call it because we know the whole

homeschool world is founded on acronyms

what what is it that you’re offering do

you have blogs do you have a podcast I

know you’re just getting this rolling so

I should say you know what are the plans

are you doing blogs podcasts videos what

what do you do yeah so we’re a hub for

all our contributors blogs podcasts

radio interviews events see our website

and then we link out to all of our

contributors okay these are just guys

who are trusted and verified and so you

can know with confidence

like what you’re getting from them is

hiding true and then we also got HTM

live on Facebook so we go live sometimes

to talk about different topics for like

two to five minutes just to encourage

ads there’s the HTM community also on

Facebook where you can join in and just

encourage one another and I’m getting

periodic updates longer-term

we’re looking to hopefully do an HTM

conference just for dads so homeschool

conference just forget it

and then also HTM box which will be a

subscription box service for home school

dads and Oh include you know box content

from our contributors and that also

comes with a plethora of digital

resources as well so we want to like

guinea plug game hope you stay

encouraged when you give you a sense of

community with dads who understand where

you’re at and we’re going and it’s it’s

a great time to be in the kingdom of God

and see what he’s doing in our hearts

and our eyes and we can’t wait for you

to join us you know leave this charge

and the homeschooling besides on your

families and seeing the world change for

Jesus yes I love it so much um well

thank you Steven for your time today

you’ve been such a blessing and a joy to

talk to you I’m so grateful for all that

you are doing and for answering the call

that God has put upon you to lead this

creation ministry that you have to lead

the home school dads media and you’re

doing big things for a young guy and

it’s it’s what life is all about we tell

our girls all the time God created you

on purpose for a purpose has a purpose

for every one of us in this life and

that is to glorify Him and enjoy him

forever and to have a great impact in

his kingdom yes if we’re not doing that

then we need to rethink what it is that

we’re doing with our lives and you know

those Mama’s out there who are

whispering prayers to their babies while

they’re changing diapers and those like

yourself who are just leading great

ministries like this God is using in a

big way if we’re just willing to take

that step of obedience so thank you for

what you’re doing yes thank you it’s so

encouraging to be your friend and work

with you guys Schoolhouse Rock

you know as you guys say like homeschool

revolution you know it’s starting it’s

not coming it’s here yeah part of it so

so excited that all the listeners are

able to join that and be part of what

God’s Jane across the earth yeah thank

you we’ll have an awesome rest of your

day and we will talk again soon Thank

You Steven thank you god bless god bless