Stories of God’s Goodness, #3

God’s Goodness, #3 – New Friends in Washington

In this series, the Hamptons share stories of God’s goodness. Every day God provides in new and powerful ways, and it is our job to testify to His great love.

In this episode, Yvette shares the story of how we met Pastor and Author, Scott LaPierre, and got to interview him, his wife Katie, and several members of Woodland Christian Church, in Woodland, Washington.

In December, we travelled to Washington to meet Scott LaPierre. He is the Pastor of Woodland Christian Church and the author of a great book on marriage, Marriage God’s Way. God’s power was on display in how we met him and his family, and he provided so well on our trip. On our way to Washington we did not know how many families we would get to interview, or if the trip would be worth the time and cost, but in the end, we interviewed several great families who each had a unique perspective to add to the movie. We also got some great street interviews in Portland. In the end, it turned out to be a great trip, and we know you will be encouraged by the stories of these families.

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