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★ Filmmaking Master Class – Garritt Hampton, Hollywood Worldview

Here’s a very special feature for up-and-coming filmmakers. Garritt Hampton, director of Schoolhouse Rocked, shares his experiences as a Christian filmmaker in and out of Hollywood. In this talk, Garritt gives practical advice to those wanting to get started in filmmaking, and answers the question, “do I need to go to Hollywood to be a filmmaker?”

★ Answering God’s Call – Garritt and Yvette Hampton, Presentation at 2:1 Conference

Garritt and Yvette Hampton didn’t set out to film Schoolhouse Rocked on a whim. Making this movie required a huge change for their family. Answering a call from God, they sold their house, cars, and possessions, to set out across the country filming this important homeschool documentary.

In October, 2017, Garritt and Yvette shared their story at the 2:1 conference in Herndon, Virginia. In this talk they don’t just talk about the steps they took in obedience to God’s calling on their lives, but they gave practical advice for hearing and responding to God’s calling for you.

Update on the Road to Huntsville, Alabama for the Educating for Success Home Business Conference

This is a very rare update from Garritt Hampton, director of Schoolhouse Rocked. Schoolhouse Rocked superfans are used to hearing from Yvette, host and producer, but on this trip Yvette was driving so Garritt could write and edit in the car. Somewhere in Alabama he took a few minutes to give a quick update on the film and a preview of the trip to the Educating for Success Home Business Conference at the Marriott hotel outside the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Rhea Perry puts on the home business conference to encourage homeschooling families to work together to build family businesses. This is a great way that homeschooling students learn to work and contribute to their families. We had a great time at the conference and learned a ton.