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Andrew Pudewa on School At Home

Andrew Pudewa on School At Home

“Sometimes we just need to get that break from our, kind, of addiction to doing school at home. A lot of people want to do homeschooling, so they’ll, you know, pull their kids out, or not go to an institution, and then they’ll recreate that same kind of conveyor belt method at home, because that’s that’s all we know. That’s what we came through, and it’s hard not to do to your kids what was done to you, whether it was the right thing or not. And so we have to kind of break those paradigms.”
Andrew Pudewa, Institute for Excellence in Writing

Stories of God’s Goodness, #2

In this series, the Hamptons share stories of God’s goodness. Every day God provides in new and powerful ways, and it is our job to testify to His great love.

In this episode, Yvette shares the story of how Andrew Pudewa became a part of Schoolhouse Rocked. In God’s great power, he brought him to us!