Sam Sorbo – My Classical Conversations Story

Sam Sorbo is a homeschool mom and author of They’re Your Kids and Teach from Love. She is also a talented actress who just co-wrote and produced her first film, Let There Be Light.

In this video Sam tells about why she loves homeschooling and Classical Conversations, and shares some of her experiences as a CC mom and tutor.

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★ Connie Albers – Backstage Pass Exclusive Video

In this 20 minute Backstage Pass exclusive video Connie Albers shares from her 25 years of homeschooling experience. Connie is a well-respected homeschooling expert, author, and speaker. She homeschooled her 5 children from kindergarten to graduation. All 5 have now graduated from college, and Connie continues to encourage homeschooling families at conventions across the country.

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Hope for Homeschooling Struggling Learners – Anna Meli, Dealing with Dyslexia

Anna attended public preschool and kindergarten, but severe dyslexia caused her mom, who knew she was smart and capable, to bring her home in order to keep her from being improperly labeled and segregated by the public schools. While her education wasn’t easy, her mom persisted and finally found a program that allowed her to learn to read. Even though reading is still a struggle and she didn’t learn to read until very late, homeschooling allowed her the freedom to pursue other passions and talents and provided the individualized education that she needed to succeed.

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