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New Schoolhouse Rocked Poster Artwork

The massively talented, Graeme Pitman, of CiRCE Institute had been working on Graphics for the DVD, Blu-ray, and poster. I am happy to say that we are very close to a final design and YOU, our Backstage Pass Members, get to see it before it is released into the wild.

Mike Smith of HSLDA on What Has Changed in 30 Years of Homeschooling

We spent the day at the HSLDA headquarters in Purcellville, Virginia and got to interview Mike Smith and Caleb Mast from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. We also got to shoot some great b-roll of the lawyers at work, and around the Patrick Henry College campus. It was a great day, and it was excellent to hear from a true homeschooling trailblazer who has been working to protect the rights of families to homeschool their children for over 30 years. In this short clip Mike talks about the biggest change in homeschooling since his family started over 30 years ago.

Sarah Mackenzie – Don’t Compare Yourself

We had the privilege of interviewing Sarah at the 2017 Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC. In this short clip She talks about the dangers of social media and comparing yourselves to other moms.

★ Sarah Mackenzie Full Interview, Part 2 – Reading Aloud

We had the privilege of interviewing Sarah at the 2017 Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC. In this interview she talks about the importance of reading aloud to your kids, and gives heartfelt encouragement to homeschooling moms struggling to keep up.

★ Sarah Mackenzie Full Interview, Part 1- Teaching From Rest

Sarah Mackenzie is the author of Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace and The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids. She also hosts the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. Her books, podcast, and talks at homeschool conventions across the country have been a huge encouragement to countless scores of homeschool moms (Teaching from Rest was life-changing for our family!). You can find Sarah online at readaloudrevival.com.

★ Josh Tolley Full Interview – Backstage Pass Members Only

“Homeschool families have an amazing opportunity when it comes to teaching their children about entrepreneurship,because what we see in schools… what we see in mass education is that we have a system that has to be graded, and if it has to be graded then it has to be taught to all students the same. This is the reason when people come to me and say, “Josh what MBA program in college should I go partake in to be a great entrepreneur?” I say, “none”, because MBA programs produce great managers. They don’t create great entrepreneurs, because great entrepreneurs have to do something that isn’t easily replicable, and when you have four thousand kids all getting their MBA this year they all got graded on the same criteria all you did was create four thousand people that are going to replicate answers and expect results. The opportunity for homeschoolers lies in the fact that everything can be customizable and applicable.” – Josh Tolley