Using the Bible to Train Our Children- Mindy Dunn

Join Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella as they talk with Mindy Dunn, creator of the Child Training Bible and Virtue Training Bible. You are sure to be encouraged by their discussion about why pointing our kids to the Bible, in all circumstances, is critical to their spiritual and emotional growth. They discuss how to accomplish this with our kids and what the Training Bible Kits are and how to use them. This is one resource that every family should have in their home.

The Child Training Bible has been recommended several times in the 2020 Homegrown Generation Family Expo. Register today for over 35 hours of homeschool encouragement and instruction, weekly live conference session, and upcoming premium sessions with Kirk Cameron and Sam and Kevin Sorbo. There are 28 sessions on topics from homeschool styles and methods, to parenting, discipleship, and even homeschooling special needs students. Lifetime access is just $20.

Mindy Dunn is a homeschooling mom of seven children, who desperately wants to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to herself and her children every day. If you are interested in making a Child Training Bible or Virtue Training Bible, please visit and

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