Yvette talks with Durenda Wilson about Unhurried Homeschooling

Live with Durenda Wilson – Unhurried Homeschooling

Schoolhouse Rocked producer, Yvette Hampton, recently sat down with Durenda Wilson for a chat about unhurried homeschooling. Join them in this friendly conversation, as they talk about slowing down and concentrating on what really matters in homeschooling.

Durenda offers a great course, where you will learn to emphasize Confidence, Connection, and Community in your homeschool. Grow your confidence as a homeschool mom as you find out why it’s important to slow down and how to listen to your instincts.Connect with resources and a seasoned homeschool mom who has over two decades of experience to share and will help you keep the big picture in mind. Meet up with other moms who are choosing to take a more unhurried approach in their homeschooling journey. learn more at https://theunhurriedhomeschooler.thinkific.com

Durenda has been married to Darryl since 1989. They have homeschooled their eight children since the beginning, now having graduated three. She loves encouraging moms that it’s less important that we look a certain way and more important that we parent and homeschool with the big picture in mind and that happens most readily when we learn to SLOW DOWN.

Check out Durenda’s excellent book, The Unhurried Homeschooler: A Simple, Mercifully Short Book on Homeschooling on amazon.

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